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Joel Osteen Daily Inspiration 16 November 2022

Joel Osteen Daily Inspiration 16 November 2022

Joel Osteen Daily Inspiration 16 November 2022

Welcome to Today’s Inspirational message. Read, study and digest Joel Osteen Inspirational Message for November 16th, 2022. Be inspired with today’s message.

There are blessings in your future, good breaks, the right people that are going to come looking for you. You don’t have to go after them; God is going to cause them to find you. These are moments of favor that God has already lined up to thrust you into your destiny. I know you’ve seen some blessings in the past. The good news is His favor is for a lifetime.

There are more favor moments coming your way. There are more blessings, promotions, healings, turnarounds still on your schedule. Now do your part and be glad for all God has planned for you. Live with expectancy, excited about your future, thanking God for what’s in store.

Today’s Joel Osteen Daily Inspiration 16 November 2022

Psalm 30 says that “God’s favor is not for a season; it’s for a lifetime.” As long as you’re breathing, there’s favor on your life. We can all look back and see these moments of favor where God opened a door we could have never opened. He had you at the right place and you met that person and fell in love. He promoted you when you weren’t next in line. He healed you when the experts said there was no way. You’ve seen God’s favor in the past. The good news is God never does His greatest feats in your yesterdays; they are always in your tomorrows.

Don’t waste your time trying to figure everything out. There are some things you’re not supposed to understand right now. We can’t see God’s plan. We can’t fathom how He does things. We think natural; He’s supernatural. If you’re always trying to figure it out, it’s going to frustrate you. Instead of using that energy trying to understand what’s happening, use it to thank God that He’s working, thank Him that He’s fighting your battles, thank Him that He’s making crooked places straight, thank Him that you’re surrounded by His favor. Read more here

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